Thursday, July 14, 2011

pray always

beautiful bottle caps

first get a bottle cap
you can get them at hobby lobby 
cut a circle in paper

decorate it

ooooo sparkles

then get some mod podge

put some in

put it in  
get a key chain
attach the key chain 

get some of this stuff

put it in let it dry in this pic it isn't dry it will dry clear 

tied tie die shirts

the invitations

popping gift bags

get a popcorn box                                                    get them at target form a dollar 

make a cute card or tag
get a soda and a popcorn bag and rap it in cellophane or a plastic bag 

then tie a bow

put the tag on and put it in the box

how to make a popcorn cupcake

     how to make my yummy popcorn cupcakes 

first make a cup cake then frost it and put marshmallows on top
then get a fancy cupcake holder

then put it on

then get some yellow sugar sprinkles  

and a spay bottle full of WATER

spray the marshmallows 

put the sprinkles on the wet marshmallows 

and done 

popping birthday party

last weekend it was my brothers birthday and for his birthday party he wanted a movie party so here it is!!!!!!!!!!
either my sis is small or that
 is one big popcorn box 

pop pop pop

any one hungry
gift bags

popcorn cup cakes

invitation with the ticket to get in


walk down the red carpet

sheet or movie screen??????

tickets please


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