Sunday, February 20, 2011

*spring fever Flowerz*

*I have a new Flowerz collection I finished  today so heres my spring fever collection*
This is blueberry bloom

This is the sky blue flu

This is a light rosez
                                  This is the dark rosez        

Saturday, February 19, 2011

*Pinweel Flowerz*

This is the cute little flower called a pinweel

1. cut out a circle

2. fold it in half

3. fold it in half again

5. put it all together
6. cut out a square and glue it on the back

Friday, February 18, 2011

*flowerz white bord *

this is a cute white bord i made and its supper cute

*Roset Flowerz*

this is the cute little Flower called a roset or as i nic-named it the swurly Flowerz
2. fold it in half

3. tie it in a knot

4. start raping the fabric around the knot

5. when your done with that leave a space behind it

6. cut a square out

7. place it on the back of the Flower

*Yo-Yo Flowerz*

1. Draw a circle

2. cut it out

3. thread a needle
4. thread it through but have it evenly spaced

5. pull the string through

it should look something like this

*than add a button or jewel* 
this is a cute Designer flower I think I will add it to my collection*

Monday, February 14, 2011

personalized pics

there a fun way to show your persanality
these cute and stilish necklaces that you can exprese your self whithyou can put the letter of your name or a pic of your dog you can do a sport like put a socer ball in there you can get all the stuff for this prodgect andmore at hoby loby oh and make sure its somthing that reporsents you for example i put a flower becouse i put it on every thing even at school hence the name "Designer Flowerz"


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